Sunday, 1 June 2014


On seeing my rave reviews for a student play in Cambridge (see previous blog – Exclusive Club), Carenza told me indignantly that the plays at Oxford were just as good. An appropriate piece was coming up – Bluestockings about the pioneers of women’s education. 
It was half term, so I was able to get to Oxford and I would meet Carenza just after her tutorial when she would naturally be taking a break anyway.   Great timing.
So great that we missed the fact that Bluestockings had actually been in performance the week before and was over.
What would we do now?
A student version of Frankenstein offered, with a devised script. 
“And devised means?”
“Means they made it up.”
The other thing I discovered about devised scripts is that they take quite a long time to perform.
But it was a true student play – they had tried stuff out and much of it had worked. 
Frankenstein meets We Need to Talk about Kevin.
But what I most enjoyed were the passages of high drama.  As the young actors lost themselves in the moment, their lovely posh accents, previously played-down, reasserted themselves.
Frankenstein meets Made in Chelsea.


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