Friday, 12 June 2015

Big Changes

Perran visited earlier to sort out his new room.
There have been big changes round here.
Nigel and I have moved on.
When we moved into our new empty-nest pad a few weeks ago, I found myself putting the plastic cups and plates at the back of a cupboard – we no longer host teen parties at the drop of a hat. 
We no longer have to hoard bedding for unexpected guests (although clearly, if we were hoarding bedding, they weren’t totally unexpected).
We don’t keep a stash of baked goods for when the kids return ravenous from school.
I now do two washes a week – one whites, one coloureds.  Instead of two a day.
But all that is about to change – Perran returns at any time (not sure exactly when – some things haven’t changed) and in a week or two he will be joined by Carenza. 
I have prepared for his return by moving all the cardboard packing boxes out of his room and into Carenza’s.  In the fullness of time, I shall celebrate Carenza’s homecoming by moving all the boxes  out of her room into Pascoe’s.

What more can they ask?

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