Monday, 22 June 2015

Taking a punt

The twins are now past the halfway mark in their degrees. 
But wait a minute, hadn’t Nigel and I intended to relive our own youth through them?
The child-rearing textbooks say that a parent should never do that.
But we’re not listening – university is now an expensive business and we had planned to get our money’s worth. 
We had very much enjoyed Pascoe’s graduation ceremony and Perran’s Fuze show, but felt we still needed to extract an “experience” from Carenza.
In spite of many hints, she has failed to invite us to one of her college’s fancy-dress bops – can’t think why. 
We have enquired about croquet, but apparently the lawn is just beneath the windows of poor souls taking exams and there might be ill feeling.
Us? Noisy?
However, after a few pics appeared on facebook, we realised that there might be …aquatic possibilities. 
Amenably, Carenza booked a punt and we drove over.  Sadly, all the punts in Oxford are missing  one of their decks and people stand in the wrong end in order to propel them, but apart from that, we had a lovely time. 
We didn’t lose the pole, everybody ducked when we got enmeshed in a willow and the flock of geese didn’t spot our sarnies.
Too soon, it was over.  We had to relay the punt key back to another girl from Carenza’s college.  Oddly, she didn’t have her Mum and Dad with her – just a big bunch of friends. 

She didn’t know what she was missing.

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