Monday, 1 June 2015


Nigel empathising with kettle
Over the last two years, we have downsized so much – our family shrank from five to two as the children departed to uni.
Following that, we downsized the house and are now in smaller premises.
I personally downsized the car during a moment of inattention.
But finally, excitingly, we have discovered an item which we plan to upsize.
Our ancient camping kettle which has served us for thirty years has finally sprung a leak. 
No more will its cheery whistle wake up strangers in nearby tents. 
Or for that matter, far-off tents.
No more will it unexpectedly release itself from its handle, splashing boiling water everywhere.
It has gone to the great campsite in the sky, and is whistling merrily in the heavens.  (I have no truck with the many people who believe that camping is the work of the Devil.)

But once a decent interval has passed, we plan to buy a BIGGER kettle.
Camping is a sociable pastime and too often our dear old kettle embarrassed us – after we had poured ourselves cups of tea, we could entertain only a friend who was not really thirsty, or perhaps very small. 
We would really have liked to boil the kettle surreptitiously so as not to disappoint others, but with a whistle like that…..

So now, we are about to purchase a 2-litre whopper.  Up-size!

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