Sunday, 14 April 2013

Box Set Revison

Perran and Carenza are ramping up their revision for A2s.  At the end of an evening bent over paper-work their heads are buzzing with quotes from Frankenstein or the bons mots of Descartes.  If they go straight to bed, their minds will continue to work. 

A tradition which Pascoe established is the half-hour bedtime comedy.  We haven’t got time for a one hour drama, and anyway, how many of these have we sampled, only to find hem limp and plodding?

It can be a sketch show, and we’ve loved Watson and Oliver, the Anna and Katy Show and Mitchell and Webb, but a sitcom with a plot-line is even better as it engages us more.  For a long time, the “will they/won’t they” romance of Not Going Out captivated us, although by now, while still a sharp show, the romance has lost its bloom. We love Miranda, Rev, Friday Night Dinner, but our demand is outstripping the supply of really good stuff.  In the past we’ve bought or borrowed boxed sets of Father Ted, Black Books, Green Wing. 

This time I purchased a huge set of Men Behaving Badly which I remember fondly, but a plot about homophobia had cleared the room well before the homophobic main character received his come-uppance.

Instead, Perran has nominated Absolutely Fabulous – thank you, Jennifer Saunders.