Monday, 29 April 2013


There’s another deadline approaching – if you are in the main body of UCAS applicants whose universities had given their offers/refusals by 31st March, then you need to reply to these by May 8th.

For advice on deadlines, visit  The UCAS website 

Perran and Carenza have both replied to their offers but I feel moved to check.

Just in case.

Sometimes you hit the wrong button, or the system can’t complete your entry until you’ve answered a question, or there’s one more box to fill in that you haven’t noticed.  The last of these is exactly what happened to me in the Autumn when I applied for my PGCE course – I thought my application was complete, but actually my reference had been “saved” not “sent”. 

It took me a while to realise this, but the person on the excellent helpline sorted me out immediately.  I must have sounded panicky as I registered they were using the kind of soothing “calm down” voice that works on small children.

When I ask the twins to look at UCAS Track again, I’m anticipating indignant glances and muttered comments about paranoia, but I shall remind them that from September, they will have ample space to make their own mistakes!

Meanwhile, I’m working hard to get ready another piece of my writing that I’d like to share with you – a novel based in my own homeland – Cornwall.  Drolls and Weirds has its feet firmly planted in the Cornish tin-mining of two hundred years ago, and its head in the clouds of myths and legends that surround the county.

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