Saturday, 27 April 2013

Joined up Drinking

The Department of Education and the Home Office, don’t they both work for the government?  Haven’t there been calls for “joined up thinking”.  Whose idea was it, then? Why didn’t they communicate?

I can imagine them in the Department of Education saying..

“By eighteen, they’ll have a degree of maturity –they can take their major exams then, the ones that decide whether they go to university or not.”

Meanwhile, in another part of Whitehall,

“Yes, eighteen is a good age – we’ll let them buy alcohol in pubs and clubs when they’re eighteen.

I can’t see anything that could conflict with, can you?”

All this time, I’ve been thinking that kids with September birthdays did better in their exams because they are older.  I can now see it’s because, by the time their A2 exams arrive, they are over the novelty of nightclubbing, and can take it or leave it. 

For those born later in the year (like Perran and Carenza), what a great big shiny glitter-ball of a distraction it is to have thrown in their way. 

But I’m grateful to them that during the run-up to exams, they are at least coming home at a reasonable hour.  Maybe eighteen is mature enough after all.

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