Thursday, 25 April 2013


Which way to the four star hotel?
There are a number of things that the twins have been saying they’d get round to.  Once they’ve left their school it’s not going to be so easy.

So I’ve started a nag list – it’s a dreary little bit of paper that I leave next to the fruit bowl and go through with my irritated children every night after dinner – one of their five a day. 

This last week, I have been able to tick off:

“Velocity DVD” – I paid £10 for a DVD of Perran’s last school dance show.  Finally I now have the DVD.

“NUS student card” – to ensure these are not applied for bogusly, they had to be collected through the school.  These will be essential for gaining discounted admissions and tickets this summer.  Tick.

Still on the nag list:

“Silver Duke of Edinburgh award” - some of our money and much of the twins’ time went into preparing for these awards. They’re a useful addition to any CV.  It’s been two years now and Perran and Carenza have no certificate to show for it.  Beginning to wonder if there’s something I don’t know – on that rainy expedition weekend, did they perhaps check into a four-star hotel with some cans of lager and a bunch of DVDs?

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