Sunday, 21 April 2013

Card-Carrying Students

Perran and Carenza hit eighteen in February.  We celebrated, it was lovely.  It was now legal for them to go to pubs and clubs with their friends and they did!

But then I went to buy a set of museum tickets for a day out and discovered that our twins, whom I, of course, continue to regard as children are in fact, full-price adults. 

The solution has been to buy NUS Extra cards at £12.50 each.  For the month of April the price also includes a free ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) which should help us to get concessionary rates if we go abroad over the summer.  Hooray!

We purchased these cards for their ID function, and have discovered that they command so many discounts that they rival Groupon. But incidentally, rather as an after-thought, it also means that Perran and Carenza are now members of the National Union of Students. 

That is fine by them. 

I only hope that the political imperative to campaign for radical causes and hoist banners at the drop of a hat has not been lost amid the exciting prospect of discounts from Accessorize and Amazon.


(To be eligible for an NUS card, as the site explains in more detail, one must be 16 or over and in full time education.)