Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Spirit

It would have been great if Easter Sunday could have been completely a day off from revision, but schedules didn’t allow.  However, the morning was a true time for recharging the batteries. It was spent at the most joyful church service of the year. 

Our beloved young people were back from their various colleges and universities in Southampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Northampton, Oxford, Reading, Norwich, London.  As a result of escaping the parental home, some looked better-groomed, more self-possessed, others were clearly taking a wallow in grunge. 

When we wished each other “Peace be with you”, just before communion, the reunion hugging reached scrum proportions. 

Our preacher, Graham, drew a parallel between a visit that he had once had to a distillery in Oban and a religious experience.  We all wondered where he was going with this until he produced a bottle of whisky from behind him and said – “The spirit is still with me.”

It was a good job that the morning was uplifting because the afternoon signalled a return to the grind, and Perran and Carenza have heavy colds on top of all their revision.

I had to fall back on a fail-safe technique for brightening up their afternoon – an Easter egg hunt. The search was all a bit easy for them, but it’s giving me satisfaction now each time I look out of the kitchen window to spot the one they missed.