Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Guest Blog: The Defendant Speaks

Clare is out for the day, so I thought I would take my revenge. It seems only fair that I should be able to get my own back. This is Carenza speaking and, let me tell you, my mum’s blog has had some serious consequences for its subjects: her poor, misrepresented children.

For me, the ramifications of my mum fabricating stories about what I do in my free time have been both varied and vaguely disturbing, ranging from the words, “I’ve seen you on the internet” being deemed an appropriate greeting, to people I know reconsidering our friendship because they’ve read about what I’m “really like.”
However, the real reason for this hijack is so that I can get a few things straight:
1) Despite how I have been portrayed, I am not a totally sarcastic and selfish human being*
2) Although it may have suggested otherwise, I am not completely obsessed with One Direction**

I hope this has been enlightening. And I really hope Mum is embarrassed by this delightful old picture of her as a pirate…

* Emphasis on the word, ‘totally’ – I can be downright irritating.
** Okay so this might be a little lie, but come on! Have you seen them?!