Thursday, 4 April 2013


I am about to embark on a PGCE in Classics at Cambridge in September.  There are some alternative routes into teaching which actually pay you as you train.  However, such placements are scarce in Classics. 

In studying for a PGCE, I shall receive a full and stimulating training, make new contacts and share great ideas.  However,  I shall also incur £9,000 tuition fees.  Like many of my generation, I have never paid for education before – and it feels weird. 

Regarding the PGCE, I have seen three different documents now, one suggesting that I can obtain a bursary of £4000 towards tuition fees because Latin is a shortage subject, another implying that I might get the whole of my tuition fees paid because I have a PhD (and Latin is a shortage subject), and yet a third which does not show Latin on the shortage list and therefore I would have to pay the whole £9000. 

Just as with my children, I have looked at the terms of a student loan and have decided it is a good investment in my future.   However, obviously, I would like it to be as small a loan as possible.  Time to start the application process and find out whether I have hit the jackpot or not.