Saturday, 6 April 2013


Last weekend, Pascoe arrived home late at night from UEA just in time for Easter.  He was grateful when I offered him omelette and salad.  And also impressed, not by the quality of my cuisine, but by its speed – turns out he knows how to fry, poach, boil and scramble eggs, but I have left a huge hole in his culinary education as regards omelettes.  Omelette is one of those perfect student dishes, being simple and cheap, but also inviting of a little flare.  I like to leave it moist and uncooked in the centre (I know, I know – salmonella) and add fillings like garlic mushrooms with mustard and cress.

“It’s late – I’ll show you later, Pascoe.” 

The whole Easter holiday stretched before us, but Pascoe will soon have to leave again in order to complete his final year project in Norwich.  I shall miss him.  At the moment, he is at home, but I am away visiting my parents in Cornwall.  Hopefully we shall be re-united over a frying pan tomorrow.  If not, I’m going to have to carry my laptop into my Mum and Dad’s kitchen and Skype him an omelette-making class.  Egg on my face will be the least of my worries – it’ll be the key-board I’ll be watching out for.