Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Son of Bean Bag

Carenza sets off for France
I felt sorry that Carenza departed today for her language trip to France – I will miss her.  However, later events proved that she had been right to go.

The fact is, there has been a terrible sequel to the bean-bag travesty (see previous post).  Yesterday, I sewed up all the holes in the bean-bag casings and restuffed them with perky new polystyrene balls.  I put the outer covers in the wash (for probably the first time since the 1980s). At the end of this operation, there were still large amounts of polystyrene adhering to both inner and outer cases, and consequently to anything they touched. 

But this time it was not going to be me who ended up as the abominable snow-woman: I timed the replacing of the inner bean-bags into their covers very carefully –

“Nigel, I wonder if you would mind helping with the bean-bags – I simply have to cook the dinner now.”

Determined not to make the same mistake I did, Nigel took the bean bags out on the patio.

As I heated water and chopped salad, I peeped out at him wrestling to get the (now huge) restuffed bags back through the tiny openings of their covers.  It looked like Crocodile Dundee attending a childbirth class.

Current state of play – he has managed to replace the bags in their covers by ripping open their  seams.  I have hoovered all the polystyrene off him.  Now SOMEBODY will have to stitch the bean-bags up again, somebody who is quick with a needle and who  has run out of excuses.