Friday, 5 April 2013


Carenza has been in Paris with her fellow A2 French students on a school trip. Following previous communication disasters we had agreed Carenza would text once a day.

“Having a great time.  The French lessons were so good, then we visited the Museum of the Resistance.  We’re going to the Louvre after dinner! J Your day good? Xx”

“Saw a David d’Angers exhibition at the Louvre. Hadn’t heard of him before but he did some lovely sketches! I’ve had a great day J  Night, night, Mum.  Luv U!”

“Just finished language lessons.  Now off to the Museum of the History of ParisJ Weather is holding up well.  How are you? Xxx”

Does anybody else find these suspiciously anodyne?

And all those cheery smileys – methinks she doth protest too much.

Can my daughter and her mates really be behaving this well and absorbing so much French culture?

Should I be scanning Twitter and Facebook for images of drunken brawling and table-top dancing?

I can imagine her comparing notes with Rosie and Emma and Dreev: “What are you telling your Mum?  The Louvre?  Yeah – I think that’s in Paris.  Okay – we’ll all say The Louvre.”

Are they even in France?  The amount of money we paid for that trip would probably have covered a few days clubbing on a Greek island.  I shall check her luggage for ouzo when she returns.