Sunday, 5 January 2014

Time's Up

Perran leaves for university today.  He doesn’t seem at all dismayed at the prospect – quite perky  in fact.  Odd that.
We dropped Pascoe off at university yesterday, and in spite of the challenging meteoric conditions, we could see that he had great accommodation in a magnificent city.
Carenza leaves in a week’s time. 
I start back on my PGCE course tomorrow.  I don’t think I can bear to get out the to-do list that I made at the start of the holiday.  Although I’ve worked quite hard, not nearly enough has been crossed off it.
Why didn’t I just write on it “Dec 29th, Bring about world peace, Dec 30th, Find cure for cancer (all forms), Dec 31st, Solution to global warming?” 
I would have had about as much chance of succeeding.
I haven’t yet made a New Year’s resolution, but this year’s should be not to make over-ambitious to-do lists.

I’d better just jot that down at the bottom of the list: “Make New Year’s Resolution.”  I’ll probably have got round to doing it by this time next year.