Tuesday, 14 January 2014


On Sunday we dropped off Carenza at university and the nest is officially now empty.  But possibly not quite as empty as it should be.
Have you ever played “Kim’s Game” – where somebody places a number of random objects on a tray and covers them with a cloth.  They allow you a glimpse, then cover the tray again.  You then have one minute to try to remember the objects you saw on the tray. 
At Carenza’s college we joined her and Hannah and Johnnie for brunch and as we picked at our scrambled eggs, every so often, Carenza would call out the name of a random object. 
Clearly she was playing a version of Kim’s game that involved picturing the things she had left behind on her bedroom floor at home.  This was quite amusing until she said,
“Bedding.  Oh no!  I’ve left behind my entire bedding roll.  Sheets, duvet, everything.”
What will happen?  Will she make a giant hamster nest out of all those clothes she hasn’t hung up yet? Or borrow one item of bedding from each of her friends to make a boho-throw bower-bed?

Or should we have purchased her a couple of nice thick Sunday papers so that she could settle herself down, park bench style?

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