Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ready Meals

Nigel and I are both busy at the moment.  Maybe too busy to cook.
While holding the belief that “ready meals are better than they used to be,” I have found the cost and the potential storage problems have meant they weren’t a viable option for feeding a family of five.
But Nigel and I had always said that when, at last, it was just the two of us, we would indulge ourselves by buying some ready meals. 
It would be fun.
So, after dropping off our last child, Carenza, at university, as we reached the outskirts of town, we stopped at a reputable food store known for its ready meals.
But, as we perused the shelves, peering at portions of this and that, all with delicious pictures and descriptions, I began to feel that I had lost my appetite.

I was actually going to miss cooking for five.  And here in the food store, this wasn’t just any sadness I was feeling – it was Marks & Spencer’s sadness.

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