Sunday, 12 January 2014

University Friends

On Saturday, we met up with the other FOMMS – Friends Of Malcolm Mladenovic, a university friend who died of a heart attack a few years ago.   As every year since, we attend a science fiction or fantasy film, which is what Malcolm himself would have enjoyed.  This time it was The Hobbit, Part 2.  Afterwards we have dinner at the Cork and Bottle. 
What do we talk about?  Well, we dissect the film we just saw.  You might have supposed we would reminisce about the old times at university, but  that’s not the case.  Amongst the things that Malcolm bequeathed to us were some new friends, Keith and Richard, who we got to know both before and after his death.  And there are other dear friends who’ve become part of our group since university.  If all we did was to sit round talking about the past, I wouldn’t want to go any more.
When we got back home that night, Carenza’s new university friend, Hannah, had come to stay.  They had just been watching a film together and were now discussing it.  Just as we had viewed a film from their era, they had selected one from ours: When Harry met Sally

And the verdict on the films.  The Hobbit 2 made me laugh even more than Harry met Sally.  Only thing is – the places in The Hobbit where I was laughing weren’t meant to be funny.

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