Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Last Wishes

A dressing up moment from last year.
The most controversial subject in our house is what the Upper Sixth will do to celebrate their last official day at school.

Perran and Carenza look back to a particularly inspired last day when they were in year eight and the swash-buckling upper sixth came in as Pirates of the Caribbean.  They even made a year seven boy walk the plank into a paddling pool.  They should probably have let him take his shoes off first.

This year, Zac suggested they all come as old people – wearing baggy cardigans, carrying walking sticks and grumbling about their lumbago.  This sounded great except some of the more glamorous girls felt it wouldn’t be showing them off to best advantage.

Carenza urged everybody to come dressed as Wally in the Where’s Wally cartoons, so that anybody visiting the school would have difficulty in stopping themselves from picking out “Wally” in whatever scene they were looking at.

The glamorous girls were still not content.

Finally they came up with their own suggestion – Disney characters.  Pretty princesses and heroines abound – but it’s hardly anarchic. 

There will be a vote, so we’ll see.                                

No point suggesting they come dressed as their teachers – the dress code is exactly the same for sixth-formers and teachers, already causing geriatric parents like me to have difficulty distinguishing who’s who on parents’ evening.
As for me, I’m currently finishing off Drolls and Weirds, original historical fiction with a mystery drawn from the myths of west Cornwall, aiming to bring the link to you soon.