Wednesday, 1 May 2013

When Bikes Turn Bad...

Yesterday I spotted that Pascoe has posted this rather touching eulogy on Facebook.

“Just realised my completely shredded write-off of a bike has carried me well over 2000 miles since I bought it second hand...
“Also chipped elbow when the pedal spontaneously broke off.
Cut face from when the chain jumped off as I hopped on. ..
It also carried me 100 miles round Norfolk in one day.”

The three years while Pascoe has been at UEA have, for us, passed in a flash.  Obviously, his bike has had a much more grueling experience.

I have a tough old mountain bike that I got second hand when I was pregnant with Pascoe.  It is still the family spare bike (how does Perran get so many punctures?) and although once shocking pink, I spray-painted it an unlovely patchy black to save the boys embarrassment.

I’m thinking maybe I should drive it over to Norwich so Pascoe has something to use during his Finals, but conscious that it may never be the same again.  

Most worrying of all, what if it turns vicious like his last bike and begins to retaliate to the rough usage by shedding its chain or casting a pedal?  I don’t want my dear old bike to go over to the dark side.


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