Sunday, 19 May 2013

What not to do in Exams 2

The memories are flooding back now.

Helen, how could you possibly have failed to secure the lid of the food processor in your domestic science exam?

Tracey, when in English ‘O’ Level, they asked you to “write an essay on this postcard”, they meant for you to take inspiration from the picture, not turn it over and physically write an essay in very tiny handwriting on the back of the card.

Kath, when they asked for somebody who “was to animals as a doctor is to humans” the answer they were looking for was “vet”, not some species of animal that was skilled in diagnosis and healing. (Although actually I see your logic on that one.)

As for me, I turned over too many pages in my booklet of ‘O’ Level history questions and accidentally sat my exam on the wrong period of time.  Note the word “accidentally”.  But I recently heard of one of the twins’ contemporaries doing that deliberately because he had done so little revision that he actually thought he stood a better chance on the other stuff.

Oh, and once midway through an exam, my hair uncoiled with force and shot a large plastic clip across the room onto the desk of a middle-aged man who must have been an external candidate.  Tense? Me?

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