Friday, 3 May 2013

Parting Advice

Carenza had to organise an assembly for the year thirteens to give their valuable parting advice to the year twelves. 

Ella was there to tell them all about UCAS.

She urged the Year Twelves to investigate courses and universities and apply in good time.

Elliot had some advice on making the most of your last year.

He suggested getting out a bit and socialising and not becoming so stressed by studies that you neglect your friendships.

Ian attempted to inspire everybody to think about extra-curricular studies.

He discussed etymology and how it has enriched his learning.  Apparently, one African tribe has a word for the tension between people.

“And now Dreev on some of the new experiences that you will have in Year Thirteen.”

Dreev explains how your eighteenth birthday is a good time to visit your first strip club.  Year Twelve is looking more interested now, especially as he goes into more detail.  One or two of the teachers sit down heavily.  Oh – and if a fight breaks out in a nightclub, only a pussy would hang back…

“Okay!  Thanks, Dreev.   If anybody needs a reminder about what Ella was saying about UCAS, there’s a jolly good website.”

There is indeed
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