Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Right College

On the roof at Girton College
So the Cambridge Faculty of Education accepted me to study for a PGCE in Classics, and one of the half dozen forms I have to fill in asks me which college I would like to apply to.  (Unlike undergraduate applications to Oxbridge, for PGCE, the college is secondary. )

What a wonderful opportunity to apply again to my old college, Girton.  As a girl from a far less than privileged background, Girton  gave me a chance and nurtured me. 

I still occasionally dream that I am ascending a particularly romantic spiral staircase in a corner of the college, my hand on the smooth banister.  I have a feeling of anticipation, but I can’t tell you whether it is a social occasion that my dream-self is headed for, or a session in the library devouring some new subject.

Carried away by loyalty and nostalgia, I write down “Girton” on my form.

Later I receive an email declaring acceptance.

That’s good.

Later still, I ring up  the Faculty of Education to check one or two items.  For instance, I plan to continue to live with my family and to make a long drive to and from the Faculty each day.

“How do I book a car-parking space?”

“Oh – that’s not through the Faculty of Education, that’s through your college.”

Girton College is around four miles distant from the Faculty.

I put down the phone.



When there are so many old stories of magic in West Cornwall, surely there must be something in it.

Drolls and Weirds, a romantic historical mystery will soon be available via this website.

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