Friday, 31 May 2013

Enough Food IF

In the press, there’s been so much about obesity, diabetes and the other diseases that result from eating too much of the wrong stuff.  And sugar and saturated fat doesn’t just make our youngsters physically ill, it can make their heads buzz so they can’t concentrate on school work. 

In the west, it’s a huge problem, yet in less affluent countries kids also can’t concentrate on their schoolwork either.   But it’s not because they’ve eaten too much fast food – it’s because they don’t have enough to eat!

A stunning report by Save the Children shows how malnutrition affects not just a child’s physical development, but even their level of literacy – making them less able to support themselves later in life.

Doesn’t it seem weird that in the West, we’re dying of a glut of calories, while in other parts of the world, people are starving?  Shouldn’t we just share?

And if that’s oversimplification, then I’m all for oversimplification.

Hundreds of major charities have joined together to demand that governments address issues of tax, land ownership, government deals and aid to share out more equally the masses of food on this bountiful planet of ours. 

Join us!

Especially, join the June 8th march in London to raise awareness amongst G8 leaders.


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  1. Thanks or highlighting the Food for Thought report on behalf of myself and Save the Children.
    You make the point about sharing our resources really well.