Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tiny Bereavements

So if you haven’t gathered, I’m finding this year traumatic.  In the autumn my three children and I will each be making new starts in universities scattered across the UK, but right now is a time of endings.  I believe in savouring the moment so I’m experiencing a hundred tiny bereavements. 

Pascoe is pubbing, gigging and barbecuing through his last few days at UEA and soon Nigel and I will drive over and move him out, but he’s been in his house two years so stuff has accumulated.  I am making a preliminary trip to remove the first load.

At least, that’s what I said I was doing.  But actually I need to take my leave. 

Ten minutes ago, I went to the first UEA open day in simmering sunshine.  Five minutes ago I went to the follow-up  day when it snowed and the drive home was skiddy and terrifying.   

I had thought  I would visit Norwich dozens of times.  But I didn’t do enough of that – something about giving Pascoe space, something about the fact that he settled in brilliantly.

After tackling the horrors of the slightly weird smelling student house, Pascoe and I go to campus and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts which once blew my mind when I was only nineteen and I visited my dear friend Fiona at UEA.  Pascoe and I marvel at the skeleton of a minkie whale covered in alum crystals.    Then we round off with a final stroll around The Broad, the lake, fringed with spring flowers. 

Thanks Pascoe – I now have a degree of closure.


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