Monday, 10 June 2013

How Much Sleep is Normal?

The A2 exams are spread over a long period and it’s hard to keep going.  Each time an exams is over, there is the delicious feeling of the now-superfluous facts draining out of your brain and escaping through your ears, but then, it’s time to start the next lot of revision. 

But towards the end of the exam season it gets harder to get started again.

Perran and Carenza both started early – on the morning of what should have been their fun-filled last day of school, had a busy week last week and now have several vacant days before their next exams.

I can’t help feeling we’ve lost momentum.

Both of them are sleeping a lot.  How much sleep is normal?  Perran has been suffering from tonsillitis for weeks now, so for him, a little extra rest is good, but it is Carenza who is proving to be the snooze champion. Sometimes I can barely open her bedroom door for all the zeds she has piled up in there.  I expect a host of colourful characters to jostle past me in the doorway – the people from her dreams.

 On schooldays, I used to wake her (Perran would already be out on his paper round), but now I have developed a schedule of three routine attempts to rouse her each morning.

If things don’t improve, she will be sitting her Friday exam in pyjamas with a mug of cocoa at her elbow.

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