Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not Finished Yet

Last Thursday I had to nip into the twins’ school and Lucy (from year 13) was working on reception:

“How are the exams going?”

“I haven’t started yet.”

On the way out, I ran into Sarah.

“How are the exams going?”

“Just sitting my last one today.”

Although she had the mandatory transparent pencil case and plastic bottle of water in one hand, she was wearing an up-to-the-minute lace top, as if going on somewhere more interesting afterwards. 

The explanation - Lucy’s science exams fall later in the exam period than Sarah’s Arts papers.

I’d like to encourage all those students who have finished early not to disrupt their fellow students by partying, but instead to read all those worthwhile tomes of literature and philosophy that they heard about during A2s and wished they had time to read.

As if.

At least the good old British weather is now rubbish again, posing little distraction to those who remain incarcerated with their textbooks.  Somebody who is confined to revision has unnaturally heightened senses and can detect the odour of a barbecue up to two miles away and the laughter from a game of Frisbee from even further.

For those taking further maths, like Perran, there is still over a week to go.  Although he does always say that it’s not cool to arrive at a party too early.  By the time he is free to join it, the summer-long post-A2 party will well and truly have warmed up.  

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