Friday, 28 June 2013

Morning After

So the morning after the prom, when everybody emerged, we had only three extra slumberers.  The plan had been that they slept for hours and hours in order to recover. Pascoe, however, in getting ready for his cycle ride to work in the next town, banged about enthusiastically, and greeted the prone corpses of partygoers cheerfully and loudly.  Having scrabbled in vain for a snooze button, any snooze button, before realising that it wasn’t an alarm going off, our guests gave in and toddled blearily to breakfast.

After all the stressed revision of the last few weeks, it was lovely to have some very relaxed teenagers hanging around, munching muesli at half-speed and discussing the previous night.  It sounds like a great evening  with a few absent faces much missed, a very welcome presence from the teachers, a couple of whom heroically stayed to oversee the end, which can be tricky (thanks to Katie).  Earlier, there had been the opening salvos of a girl-fight to settle old scores but it was quietly put a stop to by some sensible boys.  I guess they’re all growed up now. 

My main problem is that as the twins enter this leisurely world of socialising, I need to keep going with my work, not slow right down with them.  Never mind, I guess I’ll get a few good hours done before they ever get up in the morning.

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