Thursday, 9 May 2013

Body Clock

I rang Pascoe at UEA,  only to discover he had an exam the next morning. 
“I hadn’t realised – how do you feel about it?”
“I’ve done as much as I can - I’ve been revising from lecture notes and articles, doing group sessions to rehearse question topics.”
There was just one drawback - he’d been up into the small hours for some days at these labours and now nemesis had arrived – the exam was scheduled for 9 in the morning.
“I should possibly have started a few days ago, bringing my body-clock back into line.”
 I suspect his Circadian rhythms will be perfectly positioned for the post-exam festivities, but not for the Finals themselves. 
It’s worrying me as I put the phone down, but later I have an inspiration and ring back.
“Bats come out at night, don’t they?  And New Zealanders are up and about while we’re asleep, aren’t they?  And you know what they both have in common?”
“….Tell me, Mum.”
“They’re upside down – just hang upside down while you take your exam, and you should be fine.”
“Mmmm.  Well, thanks Mum….um, actually, I was just trying to catch up on some sleep right now.”