Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gin Pilates

On Bank Holiday Monday, the weather was surreally excellent, the air soft and limpid, bluebells blushing through the woods.  (Actually, blushes are usually pink – perhaps I should say, ‘giving the woods a coronary’ - that’s blue, isn’t it?)

But having enjoyed a fair amount of social activity on Friday and Saturday (“What time do you call this?”), Perran and Carenza had finally buckled down to work.   

We had to try to enjoy the public holiday without them. It was yet another taste of how life will be in the Autumn when we are twinless.

It was Juliet, whose children left a couple of years earlier, who showed me the way.  Together we invented Gin Pilates.  It involves standing on one leg in a public park with a glass of G&T in the opposing hand.  Then swap over and try the other leg.  When you fall over, you should either stop the gin, or, as we did, the Pilates.

Next stop – finding some fun that doesn’t involve gin.