Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Glamp 2

Can you spot Carenza, Nigel, Perran and Pascoe?
I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we and our university friends are in the run up to a weekend of glamping to celebrate our joint fiftieth birthdays.  I guess I’m a bit apprehensive  - it’s a time of stock-taking and comparisons, and sometimes the unkind jibe that one made in 1983 can come back to haunt. 

With the same group of friends, for a number of years, we holidayed together in the Lakes, but the advent of children made it tough.  Nothing could be harder than reconciling four or five different approaches to bedtime, quirky eating and discipline.  Add in a few dogs and cramped accommodation because we were all skint and you have yourselves a picture.  Who would have known that an evening barbecue could become a cauldron of smouldering tensions?

So for over a decade, we stopped.

But if not now, when?  Two of our group have died and one or two others have had serious health issues.  It makes you think – we shouldn’t leave it too long.

So we are all set, packing the insect repellent.  And one of us is now a practising counsellor /therapist. 
Does he deal with emergencies?

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