Monday, 27 May 2013

Guest Blog - Exam tips from Charlotte Methuen

Charlotte teaches theology at Glasgow University and sent some excellent advice.

Tip for humanities exams involving lots of writing: buy several pens of different thickness (the fatter the better) and change pen after each question. The different width means that you are using different muscles so that your hand does not get as tired.

Based on marking experience: DO read the rubrics. Do read the questions!!! DO make sure you are answering the question set and not the question you really wanted it to be.

AND if you are going to commit a howler, do it with grace. My favourite was the student who wrote John Chrysanthemum instead of John Chrysostom, and spelled chrysanthemum right.

Lastly and importantly – something I discovered early on in my career: DON'T go for a pub lunch after a paper in the morning and before a paper in the afternoon and drink half a pint of cider. It will NOT, repeat NOT, improve your exam performance!