Sunday, 5 May 2013


The other day I blogged about Pascoe’s bike, but he felt there was more I should know.

Never, in the field of human endeavour have three crummy bikes carried one strapping undergraduate so far.

·         The black bike has gears and chain which are now so worn out that when you pedal the chain just jumps over their teeth. This is also the bike that I chipped my elbow on when the pedal came off.

·         The green bike was the one where I used cable ties to attach half a bike tyre (turned inside out) to act as a mud guard (the only part marked “excellent” on the "Dr. Bike" full bike check, of which I am proud). But later the seat broke off that one and it was almost very unfortunate. 

·         The yellow one I found in a skip and stripped down to keep the other two bikes working. 

·         Also the little blue thing on the front wheel is a light that lights up when the wheel is spinning - cost £1 - can be taken off and used when dancing ... you get a nice strobe effect by shaking it. 

Oh the memories.

But the time has come –

The cost of the spare parts required to fix up the black bike now adds up to more than the sum for a new bike.

So how will Pascoe give the bike carcasses a dignified demise?

Put them on Free-cycle of course.

PS Many thanks to housemate Caroline for loaning Pascoe her old bike for the remainder of term.


“She disappears for ten years and then one day a farmer finds her standing at the crossroads.”

“Where has she been, all this time?”

“She says…well she says…she’s been with the fairies.”

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