Thursday, 30 May 2013

Student Loan Surprise

I kinda thought we had the student loan done and dusted, but it got complicated.  It wasn’t difficult with Pascoe, but possibly that’s because it was still novel to us.  I was bright eyed and alert and kept nagging. 

So I think what happened this time round was that we thought it would be good to have a student account to put on the loan application.

We identified the Co-op Bank as having a good student account with a large free overdraft – vital as the twins are learning to manage their loans.

But Perran was in the middle of opening another account, a requirement of his part-time job.  He needed to put the details of this current account into his application for the student account but it had stalled somewhere. 

Every so often, we would remind him and he would nudge the first bank and nothing would happen, so we hadn’t started the application for the student account and therefore not for the loan either.  My nagging was definitely in slow motion.

Then today Carenza announced that if she and Perran wanted to be sure of getting their student loans by the start of term in the Autumn, the deadline for applications is 31st May.

“Friday!  Why didn’t you say!”

We still don’t  have the student accounts sorted despite plodding back and forth to the local branch with endless forms of ID, but it turns out it doesn’t matter – we can add the account in later.  The main thing, both for us and for you is to get that application in by Friday.


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