Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Perran and Carenza are trying to make the baked potatoes I have served them look enticing.  They are failing.

“Adam says he’s gonna go back and have his apostrophe put in.”

“Shouldn’t hurt too much”

Me: “How can punctuation cause pain?”

“The tattooist left out the apostrophe.”

So we have tattoos now.

“Left the apostrophe out of what?”

“It’s a song lyric – ‘Hold on forever because that’s our final dedication.’”

“Blimey – that sounds like a big tattoo.”

“Yeah – everybody’s getting them – lots this week.”

One girl has a magpie on her ribs, another three monkeys. One has Arab script down her spine. A boy has a lengthy motto on his biceps.

I have mixed feelings – sometimes tattoos make me want to shout “Bravo!”   Sometimes they make me wonder whether huge laser tattoo removal fees are going to have to be added to that student loan debt.  Generally I’m more ‘comfortable’ with piercings as they heal up (more or less) when you don’t want them any more.

Cautiously, I ask, “You don’t, um, fancy a tattoo then, either of you?”

“Already got one. On my bum!” replies Carenza, then quickly, “Joking, Mum!”

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