Friday, 17 May 2013

What not to do in Exams

Thinking to be helpful, and provide a humorous list of “Don’ts”, I have been asking my friends of all ages what the most stupid thing they ever did in an exam was.  I can only conclude that when you do something stupid in an exam, it is so traumatic that you completely block it out, as I haven’t had the many and varied responses I hoped for.

The best was when I asked the question in a social gathering where there were several graduates from prestigious universities.  They tried to think of something stupid.  They really did, sitting there with what I can only describe as a constipated expression.  But nothing would come – they had never done anything stupid in an exam. 

And that, my friend, is how they got to a pestigious university.

Steve magnanimously offered  - “I didn’t turn over the paper.” 

Thanks, Steve.

So here is my current, state of the art advice to all those students taking AS, A2 and degree exams:

Make sure you turn over the paper.

I’m sure we can do better than this: let me have your stupid exam story.

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