Sunday, 14 August 2016


We thought about inter-railing.
“Yeah,” we said, “Yeah. Great.” not quite meeting each other’s eyes.
We even got as far as getting out a map of Europe and stabbing our fingers at it.
By this time next year Carenza will be in some serious grown-up job and it could be our last chance for a mother and daughter road trip.
But traipsing round European cities in the heat of August and doing what? Going to student hostels or going to grown up hotels…Were we students, were we a family?  And where was the meaning?  What were we doing it for?
The next day, Carenza says  – “You know, Mum, although you’re Cornish, and I’ve got a Cornish name, I don’t feel I know Cornwall very well at all.  It feels like my friends who go there on holiday know it better.”
It’s true.  Nowadays, visits to Cornwall mean sitting in my parents’ living room, punctuated only by the walk to Sainsbury’s for the daily paper.
There are so many amazing places in Cornwall that I haven’t seen for years.
Quickly we agree on a Cornish Odyssey. 
The themes will be history and mythology. Basically any stuff that interests US.
We will take the tent.

We look each other in the eye and smile.

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