Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe

Pascoe lives in Edinburgh and once again, Nigel and I visited him for the Fringe Festival.
There’s only one show that we book in advance – the amazing Mark Thomas.  His new show, Red Shed, is a trip down Memory Lane to the Miners’ Strike of 1984/5.  It so happened I have vivid memories of this since I was living in Newcastle upon Tyne at the time.  Mark Thomas was involved in Yorkshire and that’s where the Red Shed is – in Wakefield. 
Mark Thomas was exploring to what extent he had embellished his memories:  “You know how it happens – you get your old, well-loved story down off the mantelpiece to polish it, a bit of truth drops off and you just kick it under the sofa.”
When I said that we always booked Mark Thomas, you might assume that it was my idea – I’ve been watching his performances most of my adult life.  However, Mark Thomas is Pascoe’s enthusiasm.  But I don’t think his nostalgic Red Shed show will have answered any of Pascoe’s current questions.
It’s a more complicated world now than in 1984.
Today’s youth are also fighting battles they will one day look back on with pride and nostalgia. 

I see Pascoe waging war on consumerism and climate change.  But for all our sakes, I have to hope that, unlike the miners, he wins.

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