Monday, 15 August 2016

On the road

On the drive to Cornwall, we flexed our literary muscles - Carenza read me some of Thomas Hardy’s poems and we listened to Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse” on Audible.
But mostly, we chatted.
The campsite at Trebyla Farm was exactly what I’d been hoping for: small, quiet, with generous pitches.  No ping-pong table or fast food kiosk.  A view of fields in one direction and a deep valley down to the sea in the other.
And the feeling that there should have been a few more loo/shower cubicles.
Within an hour of arriving, we had erected the tent and got organised.   There was time for a walk around Beeny Head before sunset, one of the places where Thomas Hardy courted Emma Gifford, his first wife.
The coast was rugged – a kestrel hovered; a waterfall poured out over rocks; the salt wind blew in our faces.
“It’s amazing that just this morning we were setting off from Hertfordshire and now it feels we’re a whole world away.”

“Really?” says Carenza, “What I think is amazing is that we managed to get the tent up without arguing.”

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