Tuesday, 16 August 2016


On our first full day in Cornwall, Carenza and I took the bus to Tintagel.
But it turned out that King Arthur was not the only legend. 
Carenza and I also demonstrated determination of mythical proportions.
Having scrambled up and down hundreds of steps to see the ruins of the castle on the cliff, Carenza and I took the rugged coast path back to Boscastle.
The coast was punctuated by valleys so steep that the NT had provided staircases.
By the time we finished our journey it was 6pm and we were footsore and dehydrated. 
But the reason it had taken so long was because we had detoured to see some amazing sights.  We saw, in order:
Merlin’s Cave, open to the sea at both ends beneath the castle;
The Iron Gate where seafarers once entered Tintagel Castle;
A carving of a marigold cross and the ancient font of St Julitta at St Materiana’s Church;
A dolmen in the churchyard;
An Iron Age cliff fort;
Two Bronze Age labyrinths, carved into a rocky outcrop in a little valley;
The Forrabury Stitches – a field pattern, relic of Celtic agriculture;
The Celtic cross at Forrabury Church;

And best of all, the last two Cornish pasties in Boscastle, just waiting for us as the bakery shut for the day.
Merlin's Cave
Marigold Cross

Tintagel Castle

Bronze Age Labyrinth

Celtic Cross at Forrabury

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