Thursday, 25 August 2016

Down to Earth Diet

Following Nigel’s angina earlier this year our diet has shifted again.
We have to avoid salt, trans-fats and saturated fats even more ardently than before.
Plus Carenza gave up meat (though not fish) at the start of the year.
Perran is vegan (which, as I keep forgetting, includes a ban on honey).
Pascoe has given up meat and can’t eat milk products. 
I, like Carenza, am a simple pescetarian.
Obviously, family catering has become a little complex.
My simple solution is to serve up garden soil. 
Much wholesome food (chocolate, marmite, gravy) is brown, and so is soil.
If served slightly damp, soil can be moulded into any shape so diners can sculpt a replica of the food they would most like to be eating.

Only snag – check carefully for earthworms before serving  - goodness knows whether they are high or low in cholesterol.

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