Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Last Blast

Last blast of the school holidays for me is the Greenbelt festival. 
This year was one of the best – Josie Long, James Acaster, The Barely Methodical Troupe, Vanessa Kisuule all blasted it.
At the open-air communion, thousands of us were led by 20 kids, the Archbishop of Canterbury and a host of kazoos.
All weekend, I wandered the festival, sometimes with Nigel or other mates, but often on my own – it’s the kind of place where people strike up conversations easily and help each other out.
The best bit was on the last night when Ster, a senior steward, hurried up to me in the dark and said,
“Your purse has been handed in, Clare.  You can pick it up from the information desk.”
I hadn’t even had time to realise that I’d dropped my purse.

When I collected it, I didn’t bother to check the contents – they would be fine -  this was Greenbelt.