Friday, 7 June 2013

A Fierce Lover

All over the country, parents are moving their offspring out of student accommodation.  At this critical stage in his life, Pascoe has spent two years in the same house, making it eternally significant to him.  When he was with us in the holidays, he had begun to talk about going “home”.  Apart from the fact that they were too skint to turn the heating on and that there were generally a few black socks scattered around, it had a welcoming air.  What I liked was the sign which Ann had placed next to the derelict pot plant in the kitchen:

"Remember - as far as anybody knows, we're a normal family."
It was more salubrious than the sign placed in the window of the all-male house across the way:

“We’re not gynecologists, but we’ll take a look anyway.”

Apparently that one disappeared just minutes before a parental-looking car drew up outside.

Meanwhile, there has been a party to say farewell to 1 Stoppard Street and Pascoe wrote a eulogy for Facebook.

“1 Stoppard Street is a fierce lover; she defends us from wind and rain.  And as with any good lover there is always more to find out about her.
Yet she can also be vengeful: depending on what went down the plug hole she can flood the bath and back garden in a fit of rage !
But while there have been ups and downs; 1 Stoppard Street is somewhere that I will always remember fondly and will be sad to leave.”

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