Sunday, 16 June 2013

Air Lift

Carenza has finished her exams, but Perran hasn’t and nor has Sasoon.  Somebody clearly at a loose end, sleeping in, watching back-episodes of Made in Chelsea can become mysteriously unpopular with those still struggling with exams.

So I have air-lifted her out – actually in an old Ford Galaxy, not a helicopter, and taken her to see her grandparents in Cornwall.  She thinks that I have done it because it is time we paid a filial visit.  In fact I have saved her from a bad case of sororicide. 

She seems as happy in Cornwall as anywhere – there is a sofa to drape herself over, a patch of sunshine to bask in.  I have to restrain my mother from offering her a saucer of milk.

Meanwhile, Perran is preparing for the Edexcel substitute Maths papers for Core 4 and Further Pure 2.  It now looks as if there have been so many mess-ups with these papers that he is fully expecting them to arrive on his desk looking like a kidnapper’s note, composed of words cut out of newspapers and stuck on at odd angles.

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