Sunday, 9 June 2013

Enough Food For Everyone IF

Went to the Big IF rally in Hyde Park yesterday with Jennie, Dali, Alison, Luke, Nick and my lovely eldest son, Pascoe, and 45,000 others. 

There was a breathtaking installation of many thousands of multi-coloured windmill flowers, beautiful but with a bitter twist when you realise that each of the petals represented one of the two million children in the world who die of hunger each year. 

I had made spinny flowers for Pascoe and I to take along and plant.  Unfortunately, I did so after a glass or two of wine and they were three times the size of anybody else’s, made out of holographic gold wrapping paper and garden bean poles.  On nearing the installation, I became self-conscious, fearing that they wouldn’t fit in, but kindly Christian volunteers clearly judged that though deranged, I was harmless:

“Oh, what lovely flowers.  I expect you made them yourself, did you?  Well they’re very special indeed.”

And they were included in the installation.

But seriously, it’s important to act now as London hosts the G8 Summit for every person to express their own hunger for change by backing the hundreds of charities involved (including Save the Children, Tearfund, Christian Aid, Oxfam). 

1)      Text “Big IF” to 6777 and you are effectively joining an electronic petition to the prime minister.

2)      Pray for an end to hunger each day from 8th -19th June at 1:08 – because one in eight people in the world go to bed hungry.

If you believe in karma, you will know that for every good act, good accrues to you.  It is probably for this reason then that, as I left the Big IF rally with Pascoe, the entirety of the World Naked Bike Ride passed before our eyes.


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