Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Loco Parentis

“A school concert, tonight?”

We thought we’d been through that final bout of pride as Perran played sax at the March concert.   Who knew that only two days after his exams finished, he would be sufficiently rehearsed to perform again?

But in fact, it turned out that for us the March concert had been the last – I was to be teaching and Nigel working away in Birmingham.  I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of performances that I have missed during my children’s school careers.  How could I be missing this last one?

But it seemed I was.

Because neither of Perran’s loco parents could make it, I sent Pascoe, Carenza and Sasoon in loco parentis.  They would support him.  He would not miss us.

But after I wound my class up at 9.30pm, I began to hope that I might just be able to run in to the concert and catch the finale.  I jogged home, picked up the car and dashed up there.  As I approached school, however, there were no cars lining the road - everybody had gone home. I bit my lip and drove back.

The concert-goers soon returned – Perran glowing from a good solo and a special farewell mention at the front, and the others congratulatory.   It had been a great evening for Perran, and that was the main thing.

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