Thursday, 6 June 2013

Prom Dress 2

Perran's Year Eleven Prom
Finally, unable to resist waiting until the Prom was almost upon her, Carenza caved and bought a dress over the internet. If this was a game of sartorial “Chicken”, then she had pulled out before the very last minute.

A splendidly rustly parcel arrived and Carenza pulled out the green and gold dress.


It reminded me of my Sindy’s best dress.  (For those of you too young to remember, Sindys were like Barbies but British and with a slightly harrassed expression as if worrying whether to buy fish-fingers again for the kids’ tea.)

But when Carenza tried it on, it was a size too big.

(Wasn’t this why we had pledged not to buy over the internet in the first place?)

The outlet is Miss Selfridge so during a break in Carenza’s revision we visit the shopping mall.  We  haven’t done this for about a year.  In the mall everything is shiny-shiny and we feel optimistic.

The dress Carenza ends up with could not be more different from the one we are returning.  It is truly, wondrously romantic, and how often in life does a girl get the chance to wear a frock like that?  Right now, it is hanging on her wardrobe – over the next few days, either she will fall in love with it, or she will become gradually discontent, and we’ll be back in the car again.

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