Sunday, 30 June 2013

Prepare for Clearing

The dust’s settling now after A2s and the received wisdom seems to be that it’s best to forget all about them until results day – Aug 15th.  After all, you can’t do anything about your results now, can you?

Well that’s kinda right except that there IS something you can do right now.

Three years ago, Pascoe was convinced that he had dropped not one, but two grades in his A2s.  It was a very competitive year since everybody wanted to get to university before tuition fees rose, so he thought he might have ruled himself out of both his firm and reserve offers. 

Instead of passively awaiting his fate on results day, he decided to make clearing (the process of matching unfilled places with students) work for him.  He identified universities whose standard offer was lower than those he’d accepted and emailed them. 
They told him whether their biology course was full or not and also pointed him in the direction of related courses with vacancies.  Several admired his initiative and asked for a copy of his CV and his UCAS personal statement and said they would look forward to hearing from him at clearing.

The result – it turned out that Pascoe’s A2 grades actually surpassed his offers, so he didn’t need clearing at all.  But if it hadn’t worked out so well, he had a good Plan B in place. 

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