Monday, 17 June 2013

Prom Dress 3

Year 11 Prom
So after a couple of weeks the fairy-tale dress on the hanger now seems less enchanting.  Carenza and I really liked it, but Perran and Nigel emanated scorn.  Although they are clearly men and therefore know nothing, the dress is nevertheless somehow tarnished. 

We return it to the shopping centre. 

Carenza buys again the dress she originally liked, but this time a size smaller and now it looks great.  As we leave, I am very friendly to the shop assistants – we may be seeing them again.

That evening, Carenza comes into the sitting room having changed into the wondrous new frock, with Perran accompanying her. 


Nigel and I admire the prom dress wholeheartedly, then we hear Perran ahemming. 

As we turn to him, we see that he too looks gorgeous.  He has acquired a fabulous midnight blue evening suit and has come close to upstaging his sister. 

“That’s it,” I think, “No last minute prom panics now.”

Nigel says, “You’ll look even more glamorous when you find some shoes to go with that, Carenza.”

Shoes. Hmmm.

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